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“It's through curiosity and looking at opportunities in new ways that we've always mapped our path.”


BULLRUN Plantations, plants teak-trees, then plots the property which is available to buy out right. Thinking of an ideal retirement plan, dowry for your daughter or special gift to a spouse, think no further. It guarantees return on investment, withstands economic upheavals such as depreciation in value of the currency or inflation. 

What is more, it is a well-known fact that land values appreciate and with teak-trees on it; multiplies in value many fold.  Do you know, tree-plantations and forestation are used by countries to trade off their carbon emissions? 

State bankruptcy or insolvency of banks or companies do not need to worry you as forest owners. Teak trees from BULLRUN provides a resistant property value, which year after year grows by itself – and how it grows! A teak tree on our plantations in Sri Lanka will grow up to minimum 30 meters high and 18 to 22 Square feet. 


Raw materials such as oil and natural gas are running out and no one knows exactly how long the reserves will last. Reliable predictions are hardly possible. But your personal teak forest in Sri Lanka will only continue to grow naturally. It offers an ideal hedge against inflation and provides a natural appreciation. You know at the beginning exactly how much wood you will reap and how many cubic meters we can market for you and what income you will get for your wood.

An investment in valuable tropical timber brings predictable income already after 10, 15 and 20 years, like a well-let property. With one big difference: the older your teak trees are, the greater the annual increase in value. In addition, the teak price is increasing every year and value of the land as well. As a tree partner, all of that comes as a direct benefit.

Other people still believe in the old world with its casino financial products without real substance. You can show your vision and buy a renewable resource that is continually valuable: teak trees in Sri Lanka. We of BULLRUN will gladly show you how to enter this new terrain and achieve above average success.



Investing in a land in proximity to the Udawalawa National Park where the driving-time to Udawalawa town is approximately five minutes and 25 minutes to Embilipitiya is worthy for the reasons shown above.


Address: Andoluwa Road, Udawalawa, Embilipitiya.

The Udawalawa National Parck And Eth Athuru Sewana Are Located In This Area.

Within 5 Minutes Can Reach To Udawalawa Town.

Within 25 Minutes Can Reach To Embilipitiya Town.


Weheragala is best known for its National park, reservoir and ancient ruins of Magama civilization. In proximity to Thanamalwila Town (about six KMs), 25 KM to Maththala airport and best life eco-resort, 40 KM to Hambanthota Harbour, 32 KM to Katharagama Kovil and 20 KM to Lunugamwehera (the wild-elephant corridor between Yala and Udawalawe National Parks)


Address:  Sooriya Wewa Road, Angunakola Wewa, Weheragala, Thanamalwila.

6km to Thanamalwila Town.

25km To Maththala Airport and Best Life Eco-resort.

40km to Hambanthota Harbour.

32km to Katharagama Pooja Nagaraya.

20km to Lunugamwehera Town.


Just two kilometers to Udawalawa National Park, two KM’s to Handagiriya (Den) Rajamaha Viharaya, two KM’s to Kapugala, “Ceylon Electricity Board” Bungalow Samanala Wewa (Butterfly tank) and twenty KM’s to Balangoda town, is less know for what it is.


Address:  Handagiriya, Weligepola, and Balangoda.

2km to Udawalawa National Parck Handagiriya Entrence.

2km to Handagiriya Lena Dora Rajamaha Viharaya.

2km to Kapugala Ceb Circuit Bungalow Samanalawewa.

20km to Balangoda Town.


The ancient temple Sankapala stands a testimony to architecture, caves and dens. Legend has it the King’s giant blew a conch-shell in call for arms.


Address: Katu Kumbura Road, Mirissawelpotha, Kolambage Ara.



20m to Mirissawelpotha Shool.

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